Audition Materials

You can download our audition materials for Fiddler on the Roof here. As a reminder, auditions are happening on Sunday 29th April and you can RSVP to our Facebook event HERE.

As always, please direct any questions to us at

The Audition

We won’t expect you to know the words of the texts though you’ll probably know the words of the songs already.

The order of play for auditions will be:

Tevye and Lazar
Golde and Yente
Golde and Tevye
Golde and Tevye
Constable and Tevye
Grandma Tzeitel
Fruma Sarah
Daughters and Suitors

You’re welcome to stay for it all but it’s also fine to time your entrance and exit.


Audition Materials

Audition Pieces – Acting

Audition Pieces – Songs

Grandma Audition Song Backing Track

Hodel Audition Song Backing Track

Golde Audition Song Backing Track

Fruma/Sarah Audition Song Backing Track

Tzeital/Lazar/Wolf Audition Song Backing Track

Perchik Audition Song Backing Track

Motel Audition Song Backing Track