Old Tyme Music Hall

Launch night:  Monday 27th February 2017, 8pm at the Copthorne Village Hall


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  1. Keith Harper says:

    My wife and I would like to heartily thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable evening last night, (Monday.) Olde Tyme Musicals are about enjoyment and having fun,and we both certainly did a lot of that as well as joining in with a lot of the numbers. We thought that after doing half a dozen Olde Tymes over the years that we probably knew most of the songs out there,Wrong! you managed to find some that were new to us. We are only sorry that we are unable to see the show on your performance nights,and will miss out on the feedback that you should so rightly get from your audiences. We thought that it was a well balanced,colourful and animated show with plenty of variety and some lovely performances both from soloists and in the ensemble numbers. Olde Tyme musicals can get very samey,not yours. credit to your choreographer for such stylish movement on what was obviously a stage which had width but not depth,well done. We wish you all the best for your performances and hope that it all goes well,we are sure that your public will enjoy it as much as we did. Again ,many thanks, break a leg and enjoy. Best Regards Keith and Marian.

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