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Tickets for Steel Magnolias now on sale!

Truvy’s hair and beauty salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana is the go-to-place for a beauty fix with a side order of gossip, friendship and support. Anyone who is anybody is a regular there as “there is no such thing as natural beauty”. The six women in the play are the salon owner, Truvy, her young assistant with a past, Annelle, matriarch and respected counsellor, M’Lynn, her headstrong daughter, Shelby, wealthy widow Clairee and curmudgeonly Ouiser who has been in “a very bad mood for forty years”. Through witty banter and wisecracks, this group of women form friendships as strong as steel, supporting each other when tragedy strikes. The play is hilarious, touching, life-affirming and a magnificent celebration of the wonder of women’s friendships.

Steel Magnolias is directed by Alison Shapley, after her terrific directorial debut with the Copthorne Players for last year’s Blithe Spirit. Alison and the cast can’t wait to transport you from Sussex to Louisiana. Tickets are on sale now, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Click here to book tickets.